Sunday, November 2, 2008

To Do List - Halloween!

-put together costumes (new and recycled)...check.

-pumpkin patch...check.

-make Halloween cut-out cookies...check.

-carve pumpkins...check.

-eat "spooky" dinner Halloween night (Jack-O-Lantern Calzones)...check.

-Trick or Treat (with cousins!)...check.

-inhale sugar...CHECK!!!

and now, onto MORE holiday fun...


Tina and Dan said...

I love that each parent costume matches a child's. Way cute!

Elisa said...

Cute, Creative, Fun, love it all! You are awesome Maegan. Love you!

Kate Nally said...

First of all, your Halloween costumes are amazing!!! I hope one day Tim will be as good a sport as Boz :) Second, your pizza dough is DELICIOUS!!!! Tim is pretty picky about pizza (being from back east...) and he LOVES IT!!! We've already had it twice. No, make that three times. Thanks for the help :)

maegan said...

haha, thanks. Yeah, Boz is a good sport. This was the second time I got him to wear the "man with the yellow hat". Elyette was the original Curious George. Ha, Jack is a much bigger monkey than she was, so it was pretty funny how "snug" it was on him.

Glad you like the pizza dough! We use it a lot. That was the dough for those pumpkin calzones too. We've tried several and so far that's our favorite. Oh its good too if you replace a little of the water (like 1 T or 2) with milk, makes for a little softer dough, when that's what you want.