Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is it Too Late for an Easter Post?

Just kidding, this was actually taken today. She's been on a carrot kick lately (no complaints here!).

But, since I've been a TOTAL blog slacker, here are a few things from Easter anyway:

Elyette's Easter Dress ...oh and Little Baby's too
(Yes I know. I'm a freak, but Elyette made a specific request and I'm addicted to pleasing her via sewing. What can I say? She makes me feel like wonder woman).
To bad it was not actually worn on Easter since the poor kid was still puking her guts out :P. You can still see her little sunken eyes in these pic taken 2 weeks later. She's gorgeous anyway!

Some of Dude for good measure (and because he's just so dang cute).

And in case you weren't sufficiently uplifted Easter, here's a video clip demonstrating the TRUE meaning of Easter:

And on a happier note...and 'cause it makes him look smart :)...



The Brymers said...

I love that dress! Did you have a pattern for that? And the doll's dress? Or did you just make it up?
Becca puked on Easter, too! Totally sad

maegan said...

Ah puke buddies :). Yeah a lot of people were sick! Anyway, so I use this ( pattern as my "base" for several of the dresses I've made for Elyette. Just make alterations for what I want (add ruffle, drop waist, make longer, lengthen and pleat sleeve, etc.) The doll I just make up, she's pretty forgiving :). K, welp, haha, if you really wanted to know. Thats what I did/do.

Gian and Andrea said...

awww, i love her dress (especially the puff sleeves) and also I'm a big fan of white red (or did he say light red?

heather said...

It is NEVER too late to add an Easter post! Tell Elyette she has Bugs running for her money! Too cute outfits... he looks like a mini-Boz! love it!

Crysler's said...

Your kids are really cute!! The puking has been going around everywhere... it's yucky!!

Boz's shirt says Boz.... do you forget sometimes who he is? ;-)