Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Fun Weekend 1: Monterey

We've been pretty spoiled so far and I have a feeling we've got some awesome summertime fun ahead so here is Post #1 in whats sure to be a series.

May 16th was Boz's birthday so we had our first EVER family vacation (that didn't include extended family). Short and modest, but a BLAST all the same. We went a little south to Monterey and hit up the aquarium Friday. An event so anticipated, Elyette learned about the days of the week ("Now we go to the aquarium?...Oh, what day is it...when's Friday?!"). We got some library books to study up on our sea creatures. Elyette got to teach what she learned about octopuses and sea horse...Yes, Daddy, the daddy sea horses do carry their babies in their pouches before they are born.
Elyette wanted to touch the star fish more than anything else. They were too busy to look most of the time :).
After hours and hours at the aquarium we checked into our hotel, Casa Munras. We recommend it. It was the great price, for the area, nice and we liked its proximity. There we swam for an hour before going to get some dinner. Then we got some ice cream and headed back and watched a movie the hotel had. We got some Beauty and the Beast sequel thing for Elyette-- it was HORRIBLE and we wanted to kill ourselves. Of course Elyette didn't think so :).

Saturday was a SPECTACULAR day on the beach! It was clear and 75! (not too common, especially for May). So there was no need for the sweatshirts I packed. We visited 2 beaches and a tide pool area. Jack instantly went for the water and chased in and out of waves, convincing Elyette that braving the cold water was worth it. Jack biffed it a few times, but it wasn't until he biffed it big time and got his face pretty much suction cupped into the sand that he started avoiding the water. The tide pools were a good break.

By 4pm we were pretty pooped (and a little fried-Boz and I, kids were just fine) and headed for home. We got some Jeffery's (burger place near us) and "partied hardy", as Elyette would say. (That hot pie melted those 4 candles pretty well that there was no way we were putting in all 27.) We gobbled some homeade berry pie a la mode (his bday "cake" every year) and opened presents. They were all pretty lame, but he did get a pretty sweet shirt that Elyette picked out and I painted :). Look familiar to anyone?Here's to a memorable weekend!


Brittany said...

I love the Monterey Aquarium! Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! Happy Birthday to Boz!

Rebecca said...

So fun! Is one of your "weekend summer fun" trips going to be San Diego?? :)

Elisa said...

looks like you had a blast!! I love how you enjoyed the cake!

Gian and Andrea said...

I loved the mom in action shot of you running to save jack. Cute! Gian is a birthday pie man, too.

Grant and Sarah said...

How fun! I'm glad you guys were able to have a family vacation, where it just included the immediate family, when Edwin's old enough I think we'll head for Monterey.

heather said...

Looks like fun. I agree with Ellyette, the aquarium rocks!!! Glad you were able to take a short trip and enjoy each others company!!! Love ya,.. oh and Happy birthday Boz, you ol' man! ;o)