Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I wish my nesting instinct was to scrub down the whole house and disinfect everything, but when the energy spurts come, I sew. My excuse is that deep cleaning is just too physically difficult and exhausting at this point to make the effort, but then moving around on the floor to cut stuff out definitely got a bit more challenging the last few weeks. Anyway, here's something I did before the "I've fallen and can't get up" phase hit:We've been making over Elyette's room with a bunch of fun projects (just 2 more little ones to go... for now :)... and then we'll share our efforts). And since she's excited to share a room with her baby sister we went on a mission to find or make baby bedding that would coordinate with her room. It was actually a much more stressful and challenging task then I thought, but after weeks of hunting (online and in stores) we found some fabric that we finally felt worked well enough (and in my budget!).

I made the crib sheet using this tutorial (FYI- if you try it, I recommend making it just a tad bigger), the bumper I made as a slip cover for the existing one I had for Jack and the quilt I HAD to splurge a little and border and back it with minky fabric... ah SO SOFT!

So anyway, there you have it, the "baby's nest" of Elyette's room... soon to be "the girls' room" :). Hmm... thanks to this and few other "girly" creations, Lets hope it really is a girl! haha... Anyone in want of some handmade baby girl items if not?


Marissa Stam said...

it looks really cute maegan!

Megan Morton said...

I love minky fabric... so so so soft! I love your style!

Elisa said...

So cute Maegan! I wish i could do some sewing projects. We have been so busy with the house(which I'll admit some of the work is fun). We are laying our own tile so I screwed down 2100 screws in to backerboard(the stuff that goes under tile) That was not fun, but we are doing a boarder around the downstairs that is alot like piecing a quilt that is so much fun! I'll take picture when we are done so you can see. Love ya. Good luck bringing you little miricle into the world!