Friday, March 5, 2010

Spider-man and M.J.

We've been rather obsessed with spider-man around here these days. It all started a month ago with a box of spider-man fruit snacks... they hadn't even seen the movie ('til about 2 weeks ago).

Now Jack must wear stripes/plaid almost daily (he thinks they look like spider webs I think), unless he decides to be the green goblin instead, and Elyette, aka "spider-girl" (or as Jack would say it "spider-man girl") always makes sure the front door is locked to keep Dr. Octopus out. Sometimes he has keys-- it's rather frightening!

Today spider-girl is M.J.We had some fun with my straightener on Elyette's hair this morning. When we where done, Elyette grinned and said "Hey, I look like that girl on Spider-man!" :) - Yeah, I can see it.
And though Jack woke up the green goblin, After breakfast it was: LOOK OUT! Here comes the spider man! Yes. A plaid collared shirt just screams spider-man...

Well at least after I combed his hair (not pictured), Elyette said he looked like Peter Parker. That's about right.


KaraLynne and Andy said...

She does look a little like MJ - I love the imagination this age brings.

Stephanie S. Toone said...

Sounds like they have quite a lot of fun together! I really love that picture of them together at the top, it really is fantastic! I bet they are loving more space too!