Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Missing Fabmo

If you're in the Bay Area take advantage of Fabmo for me! Fabmo, in a nutshell, started with a couple up in Palo Alto taking discontinue fabric samples and such from the interior design community and offering them free of charge to the public for re-purposing. Its pretty awesome.

Thanks to my last visit to Fabmo before moving I have a new rocker for only $12! And I also got to use my new staple gun Boz got me for Christmas!

Before: (old, cheap, blah, rocker, we picked up at Walmart for $75 when we had Elyette)

Now a bit more appealing: (though I have to be honest and admit I don't find rockers to be "good looking" chairs by any means, but it does the job)

Though I scored on finding a sample large enough, I still only had enough Fabmo fabric to cover the front of the chair so I had to buy some fabric for the back. Here's the tab:

Blue Fabmo Fabric for front: $0
1 1/2 yrds clearanced blue microsuede for back: $4.50
Extra batting for added comfort :): $7

Accent pillow was also made from fabmo fabric and I stuffed it with batting from an old pillow I kept on hand. Not bad, eh?

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Stephanie S. Toone said...

Wow is there anything you can't do?! That looks wonderful! Sounds like this Fabmo place sounds like an awesome deal! Chair looks great for #3!