Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

December 2012 was pretty fantastic. We baked, viewed lights, drank hot cocoa, sang constantly, baked, read Christmas stories, watch the Nativity, enjoyed a dance recital and school programs,  had class parties, church parties, lots of family time, and baked some more.
Elyette ready for her dance recital.
Jack ready for his first school program.
Sadly Elyette missed hers, it was during school
on the one day of the school year so far she was at home sick.
 She was devastated, but performed for us at home anyway :).

Elyette and I also got ultra spoiled going to see the San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker with the "big" Millar girls! She still talks about it, listens to the music and tells us all the story. It was magical.

We got an early start on Christmas "planning" this year, starting with our Christmas card (a concept I've been dying to do since last Christmas)
Our card cover
After some Salvation Army shopping we set up a sheet and benches in our room and used our remote to trigger our camera (our usually method for taking family photos :)). Hope you enjoyed our card this year. We sure did. 
Best family photo shoot ever. We were all dorking it up.
So apparently getting an early start for us only means we start adding more projects than intended with our "extra time". And probably a third of them weren't even Christmas related. It was fun though, sewing by day and working and chatting in the garage with Boz by night. And we didn't pull to many super late nights (just a few for those last few coats of polyurethane).
I'm diggin' this random photo of our garage in December showing, our mogpog of projects.
I'm no longer in the habit of taking photos of our work anymore, nor can I remember all of it, but here is some of what we made this year (mostly the stuff done for the kids):
Christmas PJ's!

Here's Elyette in her dance costume we made. 
Poser :). Love that kid!

Snow White Dress up for Charlotte

Christmas "church wear".
Made the gold skirt, tie and lace top.
 Charlotte's wearing the red dress made for Elyette back in the day.
Apron and Chef hat for my little chef. (he's pretty awesome in the kitchen)
Made skirt, lace top, and headband
This wasn't for Christmas, but I wanted to make Charlotte something
 for Church that wasn't a  hand-me-down,
 and I had enough of this pink satin and white lace and knit on hand. 

 Oh look. Something NOT for my kids... We did a few painted shirts (anyone recognize the guy on this one?), PJ's, baked goods, etc. for other family members. 

I can't take much credit for this one. Boz did the audio recording and editing and I put the video together (Don't judge me, I'm no video editor) but the idea was all my oldest sister Jennie. 

Before our family reunion in August she called me about recording us sisters singing "As Sisters in Zion" and our kids, husbands, and my brothers singing "Army of Helaman" and putting it to a video of all the grandchildren dressed as missionaries as a gift for my parents. My mom knew about it, but we kept it a surprise from my dad. On an evening during the reunion that my parents left for a cousins wedding, we all got together and pulled it off. Needless to say, it was an awesome experience. I wish I had seen my parent's reaction on Christmas Day, but I hear there wasn't a dry eye. Mission accomplished :). 

Another gift that had some sentiment for us was a photo display for Boz's parents. I wanted a way to display some pictures of all the great times we've had on their Ranch and came up with this rugged window looking frame that was backed with sheet metal to be able to stick pics up on with magnets. Boz ran with the idea and made it basically entirely by himself. He's getting good at this stuff. :) 
Simple, but I love it! 
Our "elf" project this year was a group gift for the all our kids. We designed and made them a market. Complete with a chalk board sign, a traditional striped awning, and plexi-glass sliding doors. All the supplies came in under $40 (wood, paint, poly, fabric, plexi-glass). Although the cost of the accessories for the market (food, shopping cart and cash register) were not so thrifty. 

Its work handmaking gifts, but I tell ya, it gives SO MUCH more meaning for me and its pretty rewarding to see things come together. 

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