Friday, January 9, 2009

Vivid Dream of a 3 Year Old

This morning Elyette woke up telling Boz a little about a dream she had just had. I'm not sure he knew what she was talking about at first, but we got to hear the whole thing in vivid detail at lunch today.  WARNING: The end is still a bit violent even though I edited much of it.

 It was a very clear bad dream. She closed her eyes and thats when she could see the monsters (falling asleep). She was with her uncle, Ray when the monsters appeared and Ray dropped her and the monsters tried to get her! Then the sun came up and she opened her eyes. (She still loves you Ray, even though you left her for dead :).)

She repeated it about 6 times, the same every time, with the exception of details like "scary music" and she even mentioned seeing smoke at one point.

I love that "right now" are her filler words. My favorite part is when she told the monsters "Don't Monsters" in her sweet distressed damsel way.


Tina and Dan said...

That was so cute! She definitely had a memorable dream! She was so sure about what she was saying. And her words are so good!

Debbie said...

I hate when they have monster dreams. She is certainly a little princess. I can remember when the kids were young and they would pray that they would have good dreams. I love that little girl. She is getting so big.

Liz said...

How precious!!!!!

brooke said...

That's funny, yet scary. I like that she put her own head back on. :) Cute stuff.

The A Team said...

I love it!