Friday, January 30, 2009

What's in a Name?

Alrighty, so after months of Boz and others encouraging me to sew for profit a little more I'm slowly easing myself into the idea. I'm slow because... well, you don't want to hear my perfectionest self whining so lets just cut to the chase. I plan to maybe finally open up shop with and I need some help. 

My little sister Marissa, like myself, has a passion for sewing and creating so we'd love to collaborate together on this. She's much better than myself so I'm getting the better end of the deal. So we need some name ideas. My creativity here is limited, so PLEASE HELP.

We liked MissyMae's, but um, well don't google that. By itself it belongs to rather scantly clad female(s) we'd rather not be associated with. MissyMae Design is clean (MissyMae Style is not). Thus, we like MissyMae "something", any ideas? Or should we just bag that idea altogether, thanks to our naked friend. Any other ideas? 
Or should I kick you out altogether, Missy, and go solo till you aren't in school, planning a wedding, blah blah blah, whatever. We can merge later when you don't have a life.
 Maeleigh? Maeganmillar (so original)? Think tags people. Really! Please make suggestions...

Although if you suggest "Made with Love" or something else that might suggest I'm 80 years old, I might have to kindly pass :). 

Marissa made this dress for Elyette for Christmas. Some of her past creation can be seen here.


Stephanie S. Toone said...

I will get back to you on this but it sounds like you're on a track - I'd do whatever doesn't come up with the porno lady - MissyMae Design doesn't right? You guys should check out Provo Craft's new product called the YuDu. It is a home screen printing machine. I know you are into sewing, but it is just a thought. Here's the link: If you ever would be interested, I could get you the wholesale price (what we buy it from Provo Craft for). They're kinda cool.

Melissapher said...

What about something completely arbitrary? Like:

Favorite fruit + Facial Expression = store name

favorite style + action = store name

Good luck with the naming process. It's really hard.

Luke Millar said...

Even if MissyMae Design doesn't come up with the naked girl people would just search for MissyMae for the most part. So I think that's a bad idea. As for a good name idea, how about Close. That's a good one.

Boz said...

Favorite Fruit + Facial Expression: Plum Constipated. I think this will work as one word or two, but I really like it.

Favorite Style + Action: Homeless Tap Dance. Nothing says variety and creativity like a homeless tap dancer. I think you could easily make a good logo for this one too.

Or you could just use my name, and put a picture of me on everything you make. This will get you more business than anything else I think.

heather said...

I think this is a good idea Maegan. Have you thought about initials? Like M&M creations etc... Or what about Missymae creations? What about MaMi designs etc,... I could go on and on,... or some random interest that you both like.. Let me know when it gets started. Good luck!

Marissa Smith said...

you CANNOT leave me to that. enough said.

but you can have your own chain off of it. :) I have more ideas i need to talk to you about.

Crysler's said...

I like Missy Mae... that's cute. I didn't google it though. Maybe Missy Mae Designs? dunno, just throwing it out there. Also, what wedding is Missy planning?! I just discovered she has a blog so i'm going to it right after this...