Monday, February 25, 2008

Its Official!

So everyone knows when you move you need to get a new license and registered your car. Since Boz already is a Californian and our car is already registered here, I figured this would be a piece of cake...hahaha...things never are...

Well, first of all, the tabs on our car were expired because we had to have a smog test before getting the new tabs and since they only do the necessary certified smog tests in CA, and we lived in Utah, you can see our dilemma. So we got a fix it ticket when we first got here. I went to the DMV for that and for my new license. Since I still hadn't gotten my name changed after getting married :), I needed a birth cert and marriage cert. At this time I learned that apparently we did not have a county certified marriage certificate. I had no idea since the temple one worked for me to change my name on my social security card. So after some wondering if we were actually legally married (just kidding) I mailed a request to King County for a copy.

It was just on Valentine's Day that got into the DMV for a second attempt. I'm sure I was quite the site with Jack and Elyette in tow. They both behaved themselves very well considering I had to stand in 5 different lines. Our only fiasco was when I was taking the written test(also required for new residents). About halfway through the test Elyette started nervously yelling "poop!". I didn't know what to do, I was terrified they'd make me come back another time to take the test or think I was cheating or something, but when a 2 year old yells poop, you've got to go. So I left all my stuff scooped up Jack, grabbed Elyette's hand and ran across the DMV. To my horror the restroom was fully occupied. After praying Elyette could handle the wait, we finally got our turn only to find that she didn't really have to go. She wouldn't let us leave though until she went pee. For sometime I paced nervously asking "all done", everytime she'd get mad at me and say "NO! Pee..." After what seemed like an eternity she went and we ran back to the test area. Thankfully it all worked out and I was able to finish the whole process.

So its official, I'm a Californian! My license came in the mail today and after 3 years of marriage, I finally have my name changed... No more showing of 2 or 3 ID's at the airport anymore...
hmm, you people are lucky, you get to see my oh so beautiful license pic :)

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Melissapher said...

OH my goodness, Maegan!! I feel your pain! Chris and I had to go through a similar nightmare in order to register our car and get our California Licenses. Blerg. We just didn't have children in tow.

My license isn't have as cute as yours. Seriously, you should see it sometime.