Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You Don't Know Jack?

Here's a little bit (ok, a lot) about our little dude, Jack.

1- He may look Smith, but he is ALL Millar. Jack is almost a copy cat of Boz. He has the same torso, feet and hands (will likely be duck footed too), that big Millar head :), and of course, the "GM" butt (thanks grandpa). He did not, however, get the crazy eyebrows, his sister got those instead, nor the bald baby head and he has my eye color.

2-Not as big as you think. We finally got Jack to the Dr. for his 4 month appt. a few weeks ago, (he is now 5 months). He was 25th percentile for weight, 36th for height, and 63rd for head (yep, the Millar head). So actually, he's kinda small, not as small as Elyette, but petite. Though he may measure small, he's still a squishy baby. I've never experienced the joy of chubby wrists and that pad of chub on top of babies' feet until now :).

3- A Social Butterfly. Or whatever the masculine alternative may be. Jack loves people! He wants to be held and talked to all the time and he'll smile at everyone. He began smiling very early on. He's not the observer type like the rest of his family, he likes to be right there in the action and loves the center of attention.

4- Speaking of love... Jack loves his family. From day one, he knew exactly who his mamma was and is totally a mamma's boy. He has this whimpery little cry when he's with someone else and sees me (most often when he's hungry of course). When daddy comes home at night, Jack starts beaming and wiggles like crazy cause he knows its time to play. And then there's Elyette. He can't get enough of her. He smiles so big when she's around and he closely watches her every move. He loves to play with her hair and give her kisses. They are great buddies. We tuck them in together at night and often hear serious giggling and cooing coming from their room.

5- This drama king knows what he wants. Everything is life or death with this kid (as with many babies, I imagine). He has this throaty painful cry he whips out when he wants to lay it on thick. Like "it took you 3 seconds to long to feed me", or "Elyette touched me!" (he way over reacts when he knows Elyette is involved). If you've ever heard his hacking, gagging cough, don't worry, he's fine. That sound freaked us out so bad when he was a newborn, but we soon learned its his harmless way of "clearing his throat" (also a Millar trait).

6- He likes to talk. Oh and growl... yes people, he growls. We playfully growl each other names sometimes to get Elyette to do it back and even Jack picked up on it. Thats one of his ways of talking to you. Its definitely one of a kind, but very cute. I'll hear him cooing and growling in his bed over the monitor just about every morning. Great way to wake up.

7- New tricks! Jack is anxious to learn new things (his sister was always very cautious). He's been mastering a lot of skills this past week actually. He rolls like crazy (still working on back to tummy, but very close) and now can sit for several minutes on his own without balancing on his hands even. He's getting good at catching himself when he gets off balance too. He's always gets really excited and starts grabbing our hands andfood when we eat, so we finally started him on rice cereal this week.

8- A few of his favorite things. Aside from people, Jack loves diving for toys, eating his feet, eating his sister, being tickled, curling up into a ball then forcefully sprawling out, spitting up all the time to keep everyone on their toes, and, sadly, TV. Yup, if the TV is on, he does everything in his power to crank his head towards it. Thankfully we don't have it on much (antenna can only offer so much).

9-A few of my favorite things. I think most all mommies enjoy midnight feedings in one way or another. I love it in the middle of the night when he's whimpering to be fed, and the moment he sees me he makes the cutest sighs of relief. When I'm feeding him, the room is so quite that every now and then if I sniff or something, Jack startles and looks up at me, grin huge as if saying "oh mom, when did you get here?", growls to say hi, then goes back to eating. Man, I love that little guy. He definitely melts his mommy's heart.

So that just skims the surface of our Jack for those of you that have not yet had the joy of knowing this sweet little spirit. We pretty much have the coolest little wads ever (as Boz would put it).

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Matt said...

What a cute guy. I can't believe how big he's getting, for a little guy with a big head, that is. Ours is just the opposite. He's getting really big bug has a tiny head.

P.S. I really like the picture of him with all the stuffed animals.