Monday, February 25, 2008


So I figured this would be a good place to put my music, because usually when I record a song, it doesn't make it any further than my ipod. I figured if I put them here, at least someone would listen them. So these are the songs that I've made that I'm the least embarrassed of, all named after a number, that doesn't necessarily represent the order they were made:

Song 5: Just piano and strings. Recorded it one day when Maegan and Slim were down at the senior games for one of her classes. Kind of slow, but I think this one turned out ok. Probably one of my favorites, so it's on top.

Song 6: I thought that this one was pretty good, but the drums didn't sound that good. I will probably end up re-recording this one with a real cello and hopefully put words to it, because I think it has some potential.

Song 23: This one I never quite finished because I can't sing. Aside from not being able to sing, my melodies always come out lame anyways, so I left this song wordless, which makes it feel long, but you can get the idea of what I intended to do.

Showcase Song: I wrote this song for my songwriting class. It had lyrics at one point, but the melody was pretty lame, so they're gone now. It was one of my better arrangements though, so here it is.

Song 25: I kept this song short knowing that I wasn't going to put any lyrics to it. It makes it more bearable. I should probably re-record this one because the guitars are a bit cheesy sounding, and I over compressed the dynamics a bit.

Song 1: This song is kind of generic, and might be ok with a good melody, but of course, I'm no good at that, so this one is what it is. I thought the mix was pretty good though, so I'm putting it up.

Song 2: This one was never intended to have lyrics. It would have been ok, but I mixed the rhythm guitar a little too loud, and the lead a little too quite. I've heard it too many times, so I can't bring myself to remix it.

That should probably be enough songs for now. I'll try to make new ones, but it looks like they come about once a year now. I'll be getting a guitar tomorrow, so maybe I'll be excited to make a new song.


Anonymous said...

Hey Boz,

These are great. Thanks for sharing. You make me want to get back on the piano and keep plucking away. Keep at it.


Marissa said...

BOZ!!! i Love these! especially the 2nd post, Song 6. Is there a possible way you could email them to me so i can get them on my zune?

Boz said...

you can just right click them and download them.