Monday, February 4, 2008

Playing House!

Ok, so its been 2 months. Sorry bout that, but as you can imagine things have been a little crazy around here. I can say now that I feel quite settled. All boxes are unpacked. We have a stand for our TV, a shelf for our books and a couch to sit on finally.

We orginally ordered a couch that was a small sectional from and when we got it, it was about 6 inches shorter that it had said on the website. It was ridiculous how short the back of it was, actaully. When sitting on it, it came to Elyette's shoulders. Thats right, Elyette's! As you can imagine, I was freaking out about how to get rid of this expensive mistake. Thankfully, JCPenney was awesome about the whole thing and since it was not as it had been described, they refunded us completely (including the $200 for shipping) before they even picked it up, which was also free of charge. The day after that couch was picked up our new couch that we found at Costco for even cheaper was delivered! LOVE that one!

So we're like real people now. We also got a portable washer and dryer (yes, they exist) that work great and fit nicely on our patio right under the kitchen window (so I can easily hook the washer up to the sink). After the $20 per week we were spending for the coin-op (OUCH), they are easily paying for themselves. Especially with a potty training toddler and a puking and pooping baby!

Though it will take a while, I'm also having a blast going room to room decorating (or at least planning to) and creating custom innovations for our little, but cozy place. I like playing house!

Post Script (2/20/2008): We got our new kitchen table from Boz's parents over the holiday weekend (THANKS AGAIN). Its one of those counter high tables I've wanted and it has a butterfly leaf the folds down into the table. So it seats up to 6 people, but since there is only the 3 of us around the table daily, we have it up against the wall (for space purposes). I love, love, love it! Good bye to folding chairs and piano stools for seating :).

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Debbie said...

These were fun pictures. I was at grandma's yesterday and showed them to her. She was excited to see your apartment set-up, especially the rug in your living room. The pictures of the babies were great. You have a beautiful family. This is a nice way to keep in touch. I love you guys.