Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Modest Valentine's

So, if you know us at all, you probably know we are pretty cheap, I prefer to call it thrifty and resourceful :)... so naturally Valentine's day is low key around our house. Since flowers are ridiculously priced, we skip out on that tradition (though if you know Boz, I'm not sure I have much choice in the matter anyway... he has more creative ways of expressing himself that is). When is comes to candy, we get some the day after, when its just as good, but half the price. Boz also got me a cookbook at half price that I wanted. As far as eating out goes, if you don't have reservations it can be a nightmare. So we started the tradition of making a yummy dinner at home. For gifts, Elyette and I were busy making Vday treats for Boz, that we put in a box we decorated.

Treats include:
-Strawberry rice crispy treats with messages on them
-White chocolate dipped pretzels with red sprinkles
-Chocolate chip cookies with pink, white, and red chips

For our dinner we made:
- Focaccia bread with oil and vinegar,
- A fresh tomato and basil pasta dish we like to make,
- spinach salad
- Martinelli's
- Oh and, even Jack got in on the fun... mmmm, rice cereal

We made valentines for each other and put them at our place settings, and later we had vanilla pudding and strawberries for dessert (which Elyette called frosting).

Elyette had fun putting hearts on the wall that we made for FHE earlier in the week. So, as you can see, we had a modest, a but totally fun Valentine's Day!

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