Saturday, July 5, 2008


udeFor many of us, Independence Day evokes thoughts of freedom. Some argue "freedom is a natural part of the human condition". I think Jack would agree.
Like a little gold fish peering out of his bowl, Jack dreams of the ocean. In fact, on many occasions he has run head on into the patio doors (no injuries thus far) in hope of escaping. Much to my dismay, he has figured out how to open the screen door. I've grossly underestimate how fast he has become! Is eating dirt also a natural part of the human condition?


Rebecca said...

Hello Millars! It's the Nielsens here. Your brood is so cute and I'm so excited you guys are in the Bay Area now. We go there to visit fairly often. Add us to your list, Is it okay if I add you too?

Roundy Crew said...

You guys are hilarious. Our Simon has a steady diet of dirt, too. PS Boz's demo was really great. We liked it.