Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Slow Down, Please!

I've been rather emotional about losing my babies the last couple of weeks (probably brought on by Jack being too busy for me now). I know they are both still super young and I have many wonderful years to come, but I can't help but feel like time is already going WAY to fast. Its so exciting to watch them learn and grow and, as Boz would put it, "become humans", but can't they just slow down a little? PLEASE!!!

I'm feeling like I want to drink every last drop of a river thats rushing by. I'm gulping down whatever water I can, but this river just seems to be getting faster. Any suggestions?

I guess I could try to dam up the river...but then it would never reach the ocean.
Hmmm, maybe I got giardia...

Welp, here's to the ocean!


Brittany said...

I'm right there with you- they grow way too fast! They are so much fun at whatever stage they are at, but you wish that they would just stay the way they are forever. It all just goes by too fast.

Jodi said...

For me, at times it seems like they are little forever (like the longest day EVER) and at other times, it goes way fast. Maybe that makes me a bad mom for thinking such things, but I do.

Luke Millar said...

simple solution, just have more (it kinda replaces the old ones)