Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Sewing: Thanks Mom and Marissa!

When the kids and I went to visit my family in Washington, I brought along this embroidered linen that I wanted to make a dress from. My much more talented little sister, Marissa, had the perfect wrap dress pattern (and a wrap top she made from it that I tried on to see where I should make adjustments for me). Thanks Missy!

My seasoned pro seamstress mother let me use her machine. WOW, I had no idea what a HUGE difference it made to sew on a better machine! When I came back to my "beginner" machine, I found myself much more stressed and ready to use explicits at times :) (not really but you get the idea).

It was WONDERFUL having my mom right there to ask questions and demonstrate tricks for me. Oh and she has a serger, so that was a nice bonus while making this dress. It took some self control on my part to not just ask her to do things sometimes, but now I can say I did it all myself (with occasional guidance).


Hannah said...

You are so cute! Now you should make me something...haha. Miss you guys, the kids look extra cute!

Marissa Smith said...

You did an AMAZING job Maegan! i love it, i want one :D


B&DCrysler said...

You are so talented it's ridiculous!!! Maybe I need to go visit San Fran to get some lessons... :-)

Mike and Laura said...

MAEGAN-That is AMAZING! I want one! :) I can't believe you did that. Way to go! I ALWAYS tell my mom I'll try it by myself, but then I always give in and ask her to finish it. :)

The Mills said...

That's a really cute dress!! Good job!