Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Sewing: Thanks Melissa

The inspiration for these next 3 I credit to my obscenely talented friend, Melissa.

Wrap pants: Got a tutorial for these from Melissa. They are EASY, comfy, and stylin' summer pants and can be tied in the front or back. I have an extreme obsession with linen and linen blends this summer, so naturally I made these pants a stripe textured linen.

Elyette's Smocked Top: YES, more smocking. I apologize for the lack of a full and complete picture of it here (cute pic though). Using scraps from my easter shirt, I tried a version of this shirt (another wonderful idea from Melissa) out on Elyette first before trying one for myself (her cute little figure is much more forgiving). It looks a lot like that easter shirt of mine, so again we get to be "like twins".

My Smocked Top: LOVE the fabric for this one, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out...heck I'm wearing it right now.


Elisa said...

You are awesome Maegan!!! I am impressed! I have had a hard time sewing lately, Jackie thinks she needs to help, oh and so does Callie, and Karissa. You need to teach me how to do smocking!Thanks for the paterns too!

maegan said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. Often I can be seen sewing with Elyette on my lap (she does the back stitching for me sometimes:))and Jack attacking my foot, he thinks the pedal if fascinating. (yeah, so mostly I sew at night when I can).

Grant and Sarah said...

Ok, Maegan, it's official, you are a super awesome women and mom. You go girl! You are awesome in sewing and seeing what you've made maybe I need rethink sewing clothes, because what you make is adorable, and you are so pretty in it. Also, thank you, thank you for your delicious meals, Grant and I scarfed the food down. I'm so impressed by all you do. You have talent everywhere...sewing, cooking, you are an awesome mom, and a awesome friend. Which reminds me, I badly want to come visit soon; it'd be nice for Edwin and I to go on an outing together.