Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday Aftermath

Jack's Birthday was a really fun day for all of us. The night before Elyette helped me put up streamer and bake the cake. The day of, we took him to McDonalds for his first happy meal (momentous, I know...don't tell my Public Health professors). He ate all of his cheeseburger and some of Elyette's! He LOVED his chocolate milk and held his little toy all through his "attempted" nap. After lunch, we picked up some balloons. Of course one of them popped within 30 seconds of being home :).

Jack throughly enjoyed attacking his balloons, watching them float to the ceiling, and tugging on the string to make them bob. In his attempts to manipulate the balloons, however, he'd get more and more tangled which made him REALLY mad (pretty hilarious...note: he was not harmed).

That night we had his uncle, Evan and his family over, along with my friend Sarah (who has know us since Elyette was born) and her baby boy, Edwin. We ate pizza, watched Jack's slideshow, and opened presents.

Elyette picked out her present for Jack (a set of cars, perfect :)) and wrapped in all by herself. She really did, I just cut the tape for her, she cut the ribbons and everything. She even wrote "To Jack" (so she tells me) all over it along with some smiley faces for him. He had a lot of help opening his presents. Then we ate cake! He also had some help blowing out his candle.
Nice cake eh? So I haven't exactly fine tuned my cake making skills (we don't like cake enough anyway) but this jalopy did his job...smeared all over this boy's face, and head, and tummy, and...


Marissa said...

The cake is really cute! What about your birthday sister!? Cant believe that it has already been a year. That means I've been at school for a year! Crazy!

Katie said...

awww it reminds me of what Elyette did on her first birthday! they must be related. :) Miss you guys!

Grant and Sarah said...

Thanks for inviting me, it was a lot of fun and I love being a part of your life. I'm so glad we live in the same area. How's your blanket for Elyette coming along?
Oh yes and happy birthday! How was it, what'd you do, and such?