Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ferrying Across the Bay

This past Saturday we had one of the coolest outings with our ward. We drove up to SF and took a ferry across the bay to Alameda where we picnicked. The park had a BEAUTIFUL view of city!

On our way up there we ran into this skate shop on Haight street near Golden Gate Park and picked up 2 longboards, then raced (we totally lucked out on time) back to the other side of the city to catch the ferry. Boz's longboard is his form of transportation between home, Caltrain, and work, but his got stolen a week ago. We usually have it inside, but this particular weekend he cleaned up the bearings and let it sit in the car port for a day to "dry out". Monday he went out the door for work and...no longboard. It's fishy because our carport is not at all visible from the street and tons of people around here have nice bikes NOT locked up and out all the time. Oh well...

So we got 2 because Boz thought about getting me one (I'm learning...very terrible at it) before anyway, and it will help to have one for rainy days that will take a beating more than the other. Anyway, back to the ferry. We didn't end up riding them much, there wasn't a lot of smooth pavement and we were just having to much fun hanging out with everyone. Jack put them to use though. He spent most of his time at the park standing up on the longboards and attempting to "ride" them. Two at a time even! We also are lucky enough to be in the same ward as Boz's brother Evan and his family, so add cousins to the mix and you've got a perfect day.

Oh and... we've decided bugs, flies in particular, have an odd attraction to Elyette.
This fly landed on her hand and would not leave. She pet it, cradled it, and kissed it even and it hardly ever flinched, but when any of us got close it would freak out. The really weird part is that this isn't the first time this has happened with Elyette. Sadly, in the end it gave up the ghost... perhaps it had come to breathe its last breathe in the arms of this sweet, tender, little lover of ALL God's creations.


brooke said...

"The FLY GIRL." That was awesome. We were laughing pretty hard. What a fun day we had. Makes me feel lucky to live in bay area.

Grant and Sarah said...

Wow what a story about Elyette and the fly, that is so interesting. Ok we do need to get together some time soon, let me know what looks good for you and I'll comment back. Sad thing though, next week is really crazy for me, so it will probably have to me after next week.