Sunday, September 21, 2008

Song of the Week

Well, two weeks have gone by, and I haven't really touched the piano. Instead, I picked up the guitar, dropped my E to a D and turned the distortion up, so my song of the week is not a hymn, in fact far from it.

I recorded this song this weekend. It's not a finished mix, so it may sound a bit weak when compared to other songs of its nature, but I think you get the point. Of course it's vocal-less, but I doubt I'm going to have any luck getting vocals for this that I will like.

I present to you song 16.

And of course, don't forget to read the post before this one.


maegan said...

Hmmm, it surprises me that you haven't gotten any comment on this one yet... perhaps your usual listeners are expecting hymns. Anyway, I actually would like to comment...

I LOVE this song, actually. I like most of your songs, but a few I love and this is one. I really like songs of this nature that are a little more mild (or weak as you put it). But really, as long as you don't start screaming in it (which would totally ruin it) I LOVE IT!

Boz said...

At least I have 1 fan.

Boz said...

oh wait, I heard that Little Dude liked it too, so that makes two.