Sunday, September 7, 2008

MP Idol

Background: I like to play the guitar. I like to play the drums. I like to play the piano. I play the bass because I have to, but I'm learning to like that too. I like to write and record music.

Problem: I can't sing very well. Not only can I not sing, but I can't write good lyrics nor melodies. This leaves me recording a bunch of unfinished songs, hoping that someday I will actually be able to sing to these and finish them.

Solution: I found a music collaboration website. Here you can get help from other musicians who specialize in various instruments, bringing the power of the internets together to create more perfect music. I figured I would stick one of my songs up there and see if I could get someone to record a vocal track so that I could finally have a finished song. I wasn't expecting much, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Outcome: Wow. Someone submitted a vocal audition for my song. The results? Hi-larious. Inspired by all the contestants on the first six episodes of American Idol, I bring you Arlington. The song pretty much speaks for itself. You may have to fast forward about 40 seconds to get to the good part.

Future: Bleak and dismal. Is it possible that I will never finish a song? That is for you to decide. For all you singer/songwriters out there - finish my songs. The worst that could happen is you record a horrible vocal track, and I will post it here so that everyone will make fun of you. What's the best thing that can happen? I don't know. Try fortune, fame, riches and happiness?


PS. I know I shouldn't be making fun of other people's singing, especially when I myself am not a singer, but I thought this song should be shared with the world.

And I'm cointing this as my song of the week.

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