Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Sewing: Curtains

Boring I know, but I figure the people that couldn't care less about the sewing/craft stuff will just skip this anyway.

-Curtain for the kids' room: These were inspired by my mom's kitchen/family room curtains. I love the ribbon ties. I didn't have as much brown fabric as I wanted since it was originally meant for a quilt I'm making for Elyette, so I had to piece them quite a bit. Thankfully, you can't really tell. These curtains don't match anything in their room...yet. Soon I'll be done with my transformations in there to share too. Elyette's most excited about the prospect of a "big girl" bed (instead of her toddler bed).

-Curtains for our room: I've been slowly putting things together to transfer our dull room to be more inviting. I'm done! I'll share before and after photos when my room's actually clean enough to take pictures of :). Anyway, these curtains are a crinkled sheer ivory that were really cheap online ($2/yrd for 102" width sheers!-free shipping) and I was amazed at the quality. I also got this embroidered "brown" shear fabric online. It was risky, because the color was hard to tell, but they turned out okay. They look brownish at night and more reddish during the day which works with our bedding.

Truth be told; sewing curtains is really boring for me. Just a bunch of long straight lines and tons of ironing. The kids' curtains where actually pretty fun, but ours where BORING! I didn't even bother hemming the ivory sheers since you can't see the ends anyway :).


Melissapher said...

Cute, Cute! Can't wait to see the whole look when you're done!

Tina and Dan said...

Funny, the "boring" one looks absolutely gorgeous! Hey there! I found your blog through some friends and I thought I'd say hi! You have a cute family!

Tina (Bulson)