Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth...

Here's what we did earlier this week :)...
DISNEYLAND!!! Aside from Elyette trying to jump off a car statue and splitting her chin after riding only ONE ride, we had a great time. Don't worry, it was pretty minor and a Disneyland nurse took good care of her and even gave her a Cinderella band aid.

Jack's Highlights:

-Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show : He clapped, laughed and danced the ENTIRE time.
- Winnie the Pooh ride (see picture).
- The goats at Woody's Halloween Roundup: He got really excited when they walked around him (almost knocking him over).

Elyette's Highlights:

-The Pinocchio ride: Not sure why she was so set on this ride, before we went to Disneyland even, but we rode it 6+ times.
- Getting dressed up: She got some good use out of her Cinderella and Tink (from last year) costume.
- The Princess Faire: She got to twirl and curtsy with Belle (Belle was REALLY cute with her) and chat with Aurora and Ariel. I was kind of mad actually, because Cinderella wasn't there. Elyette had her little heart set on seeing her. We got to see her on stage. I was hoping that would have been satisfying for Elyette, but when we started to wave and say good bye to Cinderella, sweet Elyette burst into tears and sobbed "I want to kiss her cheek!". Talk about a heart breaker! I was ready to run up on stage and grab Cinderella. It turned out ok though, she was a brave girl.

Boz's Highlight: Beating Elyette's score on the Buzz Lightyear ride.

My Highlights:

-Going on Tower of Terror with Grandma Rae (Boz's Grandma) :)
- Messing Boz up on the Buzz Lightyear ride.
- The "Nightmare Before Christmas" version of the Haunted House.

The biggest highlight though was seeing the kids have the time of their life!

It was a long night home Tuesday, but the kids were good natured. Elyette wore her Cinderella dress on the plane and everything. You can imagine all the turned heads and smiles that brought on. A few people asked to take her home with them :). She's a doll. Jack made buddies with some of the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team players and his uber cuteness earned him a free cookie from a Starbucks by our gate (nice flirting dude)!


Melissapher said...

Looks like you had a great time!! Too bad Elyette didn't get to say hi to Cinderella

Brittany said...

We just barely missed you guys! We were at Disneyland on Friday. Looks like you guys had un, and Elyette looks cute in her costumes!

Elisa said...

Oh, I wish I could just go to disneyland one day. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I love her dress. You did an awesome job on it! Love you!

The Littles said...

how precious! I love Boz's highlight. Sounds like something my brother would have boasted about ha

such a cute family!

Natalee Maynes said...

Maegan this post is fabulous! I can't get over Elyette's costume. AMAZING!!! Makes me want to go to the happiest place on earth myself! Somehow I don't think Viv would appreciate it yet. Also, I love Jack's snot face--that little boy is a DOLL!!