Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How do you like to Sleep?

These pictures are not of any unusually naptime occurrence, this is just how they like to sleep...

Elyette: Doll in arms and dressed for the finest occasion in a petticoat and heels.
I'd like to go where she goes in her dreams.

Jack: Pantless (naked if he could), with a book near by and blanket over his head.
I like a good book before bed too.

Occasionally Elyette likes to mix things up...What? That's not how you sleep?


Jodi said...

Ha, I am glad to know other babies like blankets over their head. Since mine was a newborn he ahd to have something over his eyes, and at church that ended up being a burp cloth...well most people commented on how wierd that was, so I am glad to know he isn't alone.

Cute kids, really!

Seattle Mortons said...

Hey Maegan! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your little ones are too cute!

The short sale thing definitly isnt fun, but I am trying to find the blessing in it, no double mortgages, no unpacking, etc. But it would definitly be nice to get the baby's room put together. She is due on the 29th of November, when was your little one born in November?

Well, I hope you're doing well. It is great to hear from you!


Kate Nally said...

Thanks for the cookie tip!!! I'm totally going to try that next time. You are now officially my go to person when I have a cooking question :)