Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jack Stats and more...

So its been a week since Jack had his one year Dr. appointment (he's 13 months now), but I thought I'd share his stats for those who like to know:

-Weight: 21 lbs (20th percentile)
-Height: 29.5 inches (30th percentile)
-Head: 19.5 inches (over 95th percentile)-- HAHAHA, that's right folks, his head is only 10 inches smaller around than his entire height! We already knew he was a fat head though, oh our little fat head :).

What Jack is up to:

-EVERYTHING! He's as busy as ever. He took his first steps back in August, but didn't give up crawling all together until about 3 weeks ago. Now he's just about running and so am I!

-He still loves soft things. So much so that he had this dirty habit of pulling dirty laundry out of the closets to cuddle with it. Thankfully that one is finally stopping, now he has this new love for these monkeys that he found on a window sill at Grandma and Grandpa Millar's house. I guess they use to belong to Boz (and NOT when he was young, I might add). Jack can't help but grin huge at the sight of them and they make him so happy. Its kind of this weird connection he has with them or something :).

-Talking, a lot: He's always been a great little communicator and mimicker. My favorites are his pig and lizard imitations. He calls daddy ("da-dee") and Elyette ("Ya-ya") by name and I'm "mum". I get confused between "mum" and "num"-for food, cause I'm the one who usually gets him food too. "No" and especially "DON'T" (courtesy of his sister) are WELL said and often used words of Jack's. "This" is another one of his regular words that I love. He point to things and says "this, this". Oh and I dare not forget "hi" (which was his first word actually). To anyone he sees he quickly says "hi, hi, hi, hi..." until they are out of sight, he's good at meeting new people when we are out.
Last night during FHE we showed a picture of Jesus teaching children and Jack pointed and exclaimed excitedly "thisdis"- Jesus. He said it enough for me to notice it didn't sound the same as his "this". He chatters mumbo jumbo all the time, granted there are many things he says regularly that I haven't learned just what they mean yet. The best is that he occasionally sings- makes me melt!

-He dances. I personally think most babies have really good rythmn, Jack is one of them. He's a crack up, he even begins to sway when we sing hymns at church.

-He prays. He HATES it when we try to fold his arm, but when we, scratch that, when Elyette prays (no one else ever gets a turn around here) he bows his head over and over until he sees us put our heads up.

- He's a tease. What little brother isn't? This of course began early on. A memorable one was when he was 9 months old he'd point his finger and hold it just an inch away from Elyette's face until she got mad (I kid you not- it was hilarious). More recently, he and Elyette got in a fight over who got to sit in what chair (or something like that) and she shoved him and he came back and pounced on her and FARTED, then of course laughed about it. Yep, a true boy!

- He's learned the art of fake crying. To his credit, he's pretty good, and WAY dramatic. To anyone else it probably sounds like being killed. He's brilliant actually. When he doesn't get just his perfect way, he now scrunches up his little face, covers his nose with his hand and hunches over into a ball, WAILING. You don't even have to say "no" to get this dramatic response, just say his name in a certain way or even just give him that look and he'll do it. He certainly is starting to test his boundaries, and I mean he knows he's testing. Hitting his sister with drumsticks is the newest one.

- I feel the need to mention here that, YES, Jack and his sister fight, but they also love each other very much. They play and giggle together more than they argue (ok not always more ;)). And the best is that they look out for each other.
Last night, instead of his sister, Jack came at me with a drumstick, to which I gave him "the look". He stopped short, turned up his lip in revolt, dropped the drumstick and whacked my knee with an open fist instead. I got wide eyed and said "Jack" in that "I can't believe you just did that" sort of way and before I even finished saying his name, he got this look on his face and hobbled into his crying stance. I scooped him up without a word and he began to kiss my cheek, seeking for forgiveness. The whole thing was one of those experiences where you realize, your baby is no baby anymore, and he is beginning to understand, with great maturity, things like guilt and remorse even.
He's still MY baby even though that "baby" is long gone. My little boy amazes me, and though he almost always resists cuddling, he is totally a mama's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Tina and Dan said...

Love the ode to Jack! He is a cutie!

Kate Nally said...

What a cute kid! I thought the farting story was HILARIOUS! I think that's going to be the hardest part about parenting...having to discipline your kid when all you want to do is laugh! And how did you make your blog header? Photoshop?

The Littles said...

your kids are adorable! (weird that you HAVE kids.... :0] makes me feel old)

Melissapher said...

It's so unbelievable that Jack's a year! It has truly flown by, I'm just blown away when I see him walking with such confidence. Baby no more.